At 6G Academy, we're on an exhilarating path of growth and innovation. Having recently secured new projects, we're thrilled to announce that our recruitment doors will soon be wide open. We're gearing up to welcome fresh talent to our dynamic team, and we believe you could be a perfect fit!

Check Back Soon for Career Opportunities

Stay tuned! Shortly, this space will be buzzing with a variety of career opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, if you're passionate about shaping the future of technology, we're looking for you.

Got Unique Skills? We Want to Hear from You

Can't wait until we officially open our recruitment process? We understand. If you believe you have unique skills that can contribute to building a long-lasting learning experience in the realm of tech, we're all ears.

Reach out directly to our CEO and Founder, Piotr (Peter) Pietrzyk. He's keen to hear from professionals, teams, and individuals who are as excited as we are about crafting educational experiences that resonate on a global scale — experiences that empower professionals, teams, enterprises, and even nations.

Be Part of Something Bigger

At 6G Academy, it's not just about the job. It's about being a part of a mission that transcends the ordinary — creating impactful learning experiences in the ever-evolving world of technology. Are you ready to make a difference? Keep an eye on this space, and let's shape the future together!

Contact Piotr (Peter) Pietrzyk:
Email: Piotr[a]
LinkedIn: PM him here.