Heading into MWC2024 in Barcelona, I'm buzzing with anticipation—not just for the tapas, but for the deep dives into discussions that are set to shape the future of telecommunications. As the CEO of the 6G Academy, my agenda is packed, but it's the unscripted conversations, those serendipitous moments of insight, that I'm truly looking forward to. Here’s a personal take on the questions I’ll be bringing to the table, peppered with a bit of the why and the who. Plus, a little nudge for you to meet up if you're around!

The Personal Inquiry List for MWC2024

AI-Driven Network Evolution:
and Nokia, you're up first. Your strides in AI have been impressive, but what's the next big thing you're working on? How are you ensuring that these advancements genuinely make life better for the end-user, not just on paper?

The Edge Computing Revolution:
Hey, AWS and Microsoft Azure, edge computing's been quite the buzz. But beyond the buzz, what real-world challenges are you tackling to make this technology as revolutionary as promised, especially in remote or underdeveloped areas?

Secure and Agile Networks:
Palo Alto Networks
and Fortinet, in our quest for more agile networks, how are we keeping them secure? I’m keen to hear your thoughts on balancing innovation with the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Next-Gen Network Infrastructure / incl. OpenRAN:
Rakuten Mobile
and Vodafone, OpenRAN's been a game-changer. But change isn’t always easy. Share your journey with us. What hurdles have you faced, and how have you overcome them?

Consumer-Centric Innovations:
and Google, you're masters at putting the consumer first. As we look towards leveraging 5G and beyond, what groundbreaking applications are you developing? More importantly, how are we ensuring these advancements benefit everyone?

Preparing for the Future (6G, Quantum Networks, post-Quantum Security, ...):
and Intel, with all eyes on 6G and quantum networks, how are you preparing for what many still consider science fiction? And IBM, in this quantum future, how do we ensure our security measures are not just reactive but proactive?

Let’s Chat!

These questions are just starting points. The real magic happens in the discussions they spark. If you’re attending MWC2024 and find these topics as intriguing as I do, let’s meet up! I’m all about connecting, exchanging ideas, and exploring potential collaborations.

Plus, I’ll be sharing some exciting insights from our upcoming 6G Frontier Database—a treasure trove of meticulously researched data on over 250 actors, key M&As, and the significant personnel movements set to impact the 6G landscape. Trust me, it’s something you’ll want to get early access to.


So, if you’re ready to dive deep into these conversations or just curious about the 6G Frontier Database, drop me a message. Let’s make MWC2024 not just another event on the calendar, but a pivotal point where we come together to shape the future of telecommunications.

Looking forward to the tapas, the talks, and the transformative ideas. See you in Barcelona!