At 6G Academy, we're not just about learning; we're about experiencing. Our "Events" space is set to become a vibrant hub of live interactions, groundbreaking ideas, and networking opportunities. And we've got some thrilling plans in the pipeline!

Launching Our Flagship Live Summit & A Series of Online Events

Prepare to mark your calendars! We're in the process of organizing our first-ever live Summit - an event that promises to be a cornerstone of tech innovation and insights. Additionally, we are gearing up to host a series of engaging online live events, bringing the latest in 6G, Connectivity, AI, Cybersecurity, Quantum technologies, and more, right to your screens.

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Calling All Industry Leaders: Partner with Us

Are you a thought leader in the tech industry? Whether your expertise lies in 6G, Connectivity, AI, Cybersecurity, Quantum technology, or any other related field, we invite you to share your story and insights with a global audience of thousands of professionals and decision-makers.

Partnering with 6G Academy for our events means more than just presenting your ideas; it's about making a real impact, inspiring change, and leading the conversation in the tech world. This is your opportunity to put your thought leadership on a platform that matters.

Let's Create Unforgettable Experiences Together

We believe in the power of collaboration to foster innovation and growth. Join us in creating events that are more than just gatherings - they're catalysts for progress and platforms for the future of technology.

Connect with Our Visionary Leader

Ready to make a significant impact at our events? For partnership inquiries or to discuss your visionary ideas, reach out directly to Piotr (Peter) Pietrzyk, CEO and Founder of 6G Academy. He's eager to collaborate with industry innovators and leaders who are passionate about driving technology forward.

Contact Piotr (Peter) Pietrzyk today and be a part of shaping the future at 6G Academy.