I'm thrilled to share my reflections on the pivotal ITU Radiocommunication Assembly 2023 (RA-23) held recently in Dubai. This event wasn't just another conference; it was a milestone in our journey towards the future of telecommunications – a future we're passionately exploring together at the 6G Academy.

Embarking on the 6G Journey:
The RA-23 gathering was more than a meeting of minds; it was where the foundational stones of 6G, or as ITU names it, IMT-2030, were laid. The Study Group SG5's adoption of the Recommendation on the framework and objectives of 6G in September 2023 was a crucial step. It was like watching the first layer of a complex puzzle fitting perfectly into place.

A Unified Vision for Global Telecommunications:
One thing that stood out at RA-23 was the alignment of the technical reference for 6G. It's a testament to ITU's role in harmonizing the global approach to mobile communications development. The discussions and resolutions, especially around naming and principles, echoed the collaborative spirit we've seen in past mobile generations.

Championing Diversity and Sustainable Futures:
The resolution on gender equality at RA-23 hit close to home. As someone who's advocated for diversity in tech, seeing ITU's commitment to women's empowerment was heartening. Similarly, the focus on sustainable use of spectrum resources aligns with our deep dive into satellite communications at the 6G Academy.

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